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We honor the quiet moments you spend brewing and sipping your favorite coffees or teas with beautiful high-quality ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

woman drinking from a paper cup in a rush

We see a world full of people rushing through their coffee’s and teas. Gulping from paper cups with plastic lids while thoughts are racing through their heads.

Use This Moment To Slow Down And Gather Your Thoughts

What if your beverage wasn’t part of the rush but became a moment to slow down and breathe? What if it became an important part of setting your daily goals? What if we took this moment and shared it with the people around us?

friends drinking coffee in an outdoor cafe

We believe this moment shouldn't be taken for granted. This is the perfect moment to slow down and clarify your thoughts and plans.

You Don't Need To Spend a Fortune For Quality Brewers.

Great coffee or tea requires great equipment, and that’s why we have curated products crafted from the highest quality materials like 304 food-grade stainless steel for our kettles and moka pots or the brosilicate glass which is resistant to extreme temperature changes and is used in our pour-over brewers.

banner of brewers pour-over moka pot and cold brewer

Your Brew Will Always Taste Better In A Quality Mug.

Once you've made your favorite beverage, it always seems to taste better in quality ceramic mug, it's like the experience gets elevated to a higher status.

That’s why we select only the highest quality handmade mugs from producers that use quality clay and glazes. Our selection of handmade coffee mugs are crafted by artisans who believe that the small details make all of the difference.

collection of colorful mugs

At Luv Muggs we are committed to delighting all our customers with quality service and want to be sure every purchase is a pleasant experience. We love knowing our customers will be happy with their purchase by:

  • Delivering the finest workmanship so you can be sure they will stand up to daily use.

  • Offering artisanal finishes, and glazes so that your purchase will stand out in any decor.

If your product does not meet your expectations just let us know we’ll make it right. We are excited to help you select the right brewers, mugs and storage containers from the highest quality artisans.