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Coffee is so many peoples favorite beverage and whether you are a professional barista or a new home-brewer, there are many ways of preparing coffee to acquire the rich taste that comes with it. Pour over brewing is one of those methods that has stood the test of time for both its simplicity and great flavor extraction. 

So What's Pour-Over Brewing?

Pour-over Brewing is a way of preparing coffee by pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. It’s very important to get the correct ratio of coffee grounds to water and a good starting point is  25 grams of coffee for every 350 grams of water, though remember you can adjust this ratio until you find your perfect balance. Once the ingredients are measured out the water should be brought to a boil and be poured gently over the coffee through the filter. Steady spirals should be maintained when pouring the water to keep things even. The process takes about 30-45 seconds.

What Is The History Of Pour-over Pot?

The Pour-over method of preparing coffee first came into existence in Germany in 1908, and it was invented by a woman named Amalie Auguste Mellitta Bentz. Mellitta felt that the coffee of her time was over-extracted, bitter, and left ground coffee on the bottom of the cup. She was dissatisfied and embarked on a journey to find a technique that would extract coffee containing less sediment and wasn't so bitter.

After numerous trials and errors, the result was a technique that used blotting paper and a kettle with perforations. The resulting coffee was less bitter and had little or no ground collected at the bottom of the cup. After perfecting the Pour over pot technique, Mellita and her husband presented their findings to the 1909 trade fair show, where the method was a success, and it took off.

What Makes The Pour-Over Method So

Efficient At Extracting Flavor?

Coffee extracted through the Pour over  technique tends to have a rich flavor because the process takes longer than the drip method. This extra time allows for the flavor to be more vibrant as the water has more time to extract flavors and oils from the ground coffee as it passes through it. Also, baristas have complete control. Unlike coffee from an espresso machine, the barista controls the ground coffee saturation, water flow, and the coffee's time to be brewed. Pour over technique ensures that the coffee is not over-extracted or under-extracted, bringing about a rich flavor.

How To Pour Over Brew Like A Pro

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To make a cup of coffee that has a rich flavor using the Pour-over method, just follow the steps below. It really is that simple.

  • You start boiling water to a temperature of around 200 degrees.
  • A filter is placed over the brewer and made is made wet using hot water.
  • Measure about 25 grams of grounded coffee and put it on the filter.
  • Pour the hot water slowly in a spiral motion and let it flow over the grounded coffee through the filter into a collecting jar.
  • After pouring around 100 grams of water, stop the process for about 35 to 45 seconds; this allows the coffee to bloom and gases to escape.
  • Continue adding water in a spiral motion until you've added 300 grams of water.
  • Dispose of the filter with ground coffee and enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee.

Coffee brewed through the Pour-over method has a rich flavor and allows the gasses that can cause bitterness to escape from the coffee, in addition the fine filter keeps most of the sediment out of your cup giving you a crisp clean and delicious cup of coffee.

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